What we do

Ancient Phoenicians discovered the antiseptic properties of charcoal and created filters with it to purify their water. 3,000 years later charcoal remains a trusted way to detoxify our lives.

Charcoal does the same with sales leads. We bring all your lead sources into one manageable location. Then we scrub, distill, process, rank and qualify your sales leads with our proprietary and customizable filters. All before you purchase them. This saves you and your agents from purchasing duplicate or non-contactable leads.

How we do it


Our web-based software funnels all
your leads into one, manageable
pipeline. This process helps organize
your leads for filtering.


Utilizing lead scoring can
filter leads which will
increase your company’s
conversion rate and lower
your cost per sale.


You can monitor and control
the effectiveness of your
lead program across all lead
types: warm transfers, data
leads, internally generated
leads and more.


Where it happens is all up to you. Do some agents need full access to every part of your lead management system? Do others need a more restricted arena? Charcoal can customize all elements of functionality to make your lead system perform exactly how it should throughout your entire company.


Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. If you would like additional information about Charcoal or would like to see a demo of our system, please fill out the form:

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